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If raw fresh pet food is what you are looking for, this is your site. Plenty of information and links about fresh pet food and raw food for dogs and cats. Instincto has a great range of fresh raw pet food for people who want some diversity in their raw cat food diet and raw dog food diet. If you are also looking for a BARF diet, check out our specialised mixes which cater for the BARF enthusiest.

We have also been called Paleo for Pets, because of our attitude towards low processing of the food, to allow our animals to receive the most nutrition from their food.

We supply and deliver fresh preservative-free, raw pet food to people who care to feed a more holisticraw diet to their companion animal, whether reptiles / canines / felines or avian. Our beliefs are based on what our companion animals would eat in nature. Instincto is the act of eating by instinct. It is theorized that dog and cat dietary tracks have not changed from their ancestors and that our companion reptiles, dogs, cats and birds gain the most benefit from a raw balanced diet of meatbones, offal, as they can digest these proteins efficiently when delivered in a fresh raw meat form.

No Preservative

No Additives

No Fillers



While Stocks Last: Atlantic Tasmainian Salmon whole Premium Human Grade Fingerling frozen fresh. Atlantic Salmon has many health benefits for dogs in Convenient Cryovac 6 Pack.High Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acid content – very good anti-inflammatory 

Why It's So Important To Feed Raw Food

As Dr Billinghurst has suggested dogs / cats would flourish on Biologically Appropriate Raw Food.  Let’s face it that’s how they used to eat before we humanised them, by making the complicated commercial foods to try and meet what nature delivers easily. Not much difference to what human Nutritionists say about our western diet, the fresher and rawer the better for our health.

The reported benefits of a raw diet from many Nutritionists and Veterinary Authors are:

Shinier Coat.

Healthier Skin.

Cleaner Teeth less gum issues and therefore digestive issues.

More Energy a less manic energy, due to only natural fats being digested.

Less wastage to clean up.

A well rounded Furkid, with a much reduced reports on the western diet diseases of diabetes / obesity / cancer.

SIMPLY RAW AND FRESH – No Additives, No Fillers, No Preservatives. This is us.


Large Range of Protein Diversity

Safe Foods Accredited, Fresh like a Butcher, transparency, you can see us producing on a Wednesday and a Friday.

Human Consumption Food is Sourced – all our suppliers are Human Consumption Suppliers.

We Mince Fresh which means Its easy to portion to your needs when you receive. Fresh Products hold a higher nutritional value for your animal.

Portioning Service Available.

Delivery / Pickup and repeat orders available through the website

02:22 20 Apr 20
The team at Instincto are fantastic! Great people, great service, high quality pet food. I won't go anywhere else. Highly recommended.read more
le petit francais oz
le petit francais oz
05:30 16 Apr 20
Local business .Very good customer service.
Renazzle Dazzle
Renazzle Dazzle
05:51 14 Apr 20
Great friendly service and the best quality product at an affordable price that I have come across on the south east coast. My pugs health and allergies have improved significantly since feeding raw and I couldn't have done it without the helpful guidance of the owners and staff at Instincto. Thank you.read more
Nicole Hurst
Nicole Hurst
15:23 19 Feb 20
I've been feed my dogs and cats the Best top quality pet food, they are very knowledgeable they on their raw meat and take pride in what the dog.read more
Tony R
Tony R
11:22 21 Jan 20
Great quality pet food.
Maggie L
Maggie L
01:40 26 Oct 19
Great place to buy all your furred kid/s' food. Staff always happy to help answer questions.
Ben Smith
Ben Smith
22:31 24 Sep 19
Totally recommend this ppace for your furbabies. Very informative. Great prices. Good selection of variety of food, fresh or frozen!!! They are happy to answer any questions. Thanks again and our furbaby Jupiter loves her new mince mix 👍😁read more
2 Dogs With A Vlog
2 Dogs With A Vlog
00:13 21 Sep 19
Great staff, very helpful and great range of Raw meat.
Martin Heymer
Martin Heymer
01:23 23 Jun 19
Feed your animal raw food, it's the best option
Amanda P
Amanda P
04:22 27 Mar 19
Great, friendly service. They will always try to accommodate your needs and are well priced
Gilbert Webster
Gilbert Webster
08:58 13 Mar 19
We purchased 5 varieties of dog food all fresh and at really cheap prices for dog food and the staff are lovely
Denise Lewis
Denise Lewis
02:28 28 Jan 19
Quality products I have been feeding my dog's from here for 4 or 5 yrs
Greg Pickers
Greg Pickers
12:15 07 Oct 18
These guys have a great range of products that are not that easy to find elsewhere. They really understand what is good for your pet and they are are able to provide expert advice. Their prices are reasonable. if you have got pets then you should check them outread more
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