If you have a dog or cat with bad breath start looking at there teeth and how clean they are.  You do have a choice you can do the modern thing and get the chemically enhanced dog chews and buy a tooth brush and enjoy the together moments on cleaning teeth every couple of days or you can feed a Raw Meaty Bone  every day that is appropriate for the size dog.  

To guide you on this selection and to reduce the chances of swallowing bones whole, make sure the bone you are giving is to big for the dog, ie about 50mm either side of there jaw so they have to chew and use there back teeth.  And it is beneficial to have meat on the bone so that it assists in the digestion through adding a buffer for the stomach organs.  

What are Raw Meaty Bones – Safe bones that are fully digestable, all the small animals full bodies can be a RMB, eg chickens, turkeys etc. roo tails, beef brisket.  The marrow bone that you see in this piture looks good, but normally they can only eat the ends and then they may try to break the bone and this action could lead to cracked teeth.  Heavy marrow bones are recreational and need to be heavily monitored as they are the highest risk for damaging our companions.  Split bones for the marrow are no different except, if feed alot they are very fattening.  

Warning – Bones are never to be cooked, they may become brittle and splinter, always feed them as a raw product.  


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