Why Not Kibble


The birth of the commercial industry was put down to observation of watching street dogs eating the scraps of sailors, which were ration biscuits of not very nutritional value, and then thinking he could do better in a biscuit for dogs, adapted it to what was believed more nutritional. This was taken up in gusto by the ones that could afford it and thus began the marketing and production to what we know of today.

Seeing as the manufacturing process worked so well for cats and dogs, it made sense that industry could adapt for all types including the equine industry. There are two main reasons why the product was taken up so well in the beginning and is still being taken up, to the tune of billions per year;

1) Convenience – It is and was, even in the early days much easier to transport and keep dry food or canned food, than to grow / freeze or keep a cooler full of raw food. This reason alone is said to have assisted in the massive increase in companion animal population. At what cost to our companions did this convenience bring to those who can’t communicate their issues, especially when we dictate what they are to eat and keep them from the ability to source what they know instinctively they need to digest to be healthy.

2) Perceived perfect nutritional balance – there is belief that the human race knows exactly how our companions’ bodies work, yet the collective scientific community would not admit to knowing everything about the human body; which really begs the question, does the collective scientific community know everything about the balance of nutrition for our companion animals?

There is such a variety of products on the market from very low priced product to product that is even more expensive than raw feeding, so if we did know everything, wouldn’t all the products be similar to each other and priced appropriately for the health of our companions.

There are numerous authors now discussing the correlation between the digestion of incorrect nutrients or non-biologically appropriate nutrients and the increase of diseases.

They argue not unlike the human doctors argue; that increased sugars bring on cancers and diabetes, and carbohydrates bring a myriad of diseases associate with excess fats. In the advent of all these diseases comes an industry to fix them, as Tom Lonsdale calls it the “artificial pet food industry / veterinary profession alliance” , one big alliance circle.

Determined to fix the issues with science and introducing more outside influences to our companions’ bodies, causing more reactions, needing more injections or speciality mixes. This extra “treatment” inevitability puts more pressure on our companions’ health, which is already under attack by various external and internal issues.

The documentary “supersize me” has human proof of the fast food industry and the health consequences from eating human commercial food. Human health continues to be discussed more and the need to return to low processed natural foods, so that we have the best uptake in nutrition and increase our population’s health. The same can be said for our companion animals, “the more fresh and whole the food is, and the more it resembles an animal’s natural diet, the more easily the appropriate nutrients in the appropriate combinations will be available.” Observation, Education and Sharing is needed to continue with the social change to occur in regard to bringing back a more natural based diet for our companion animals. This will lead to a healthier population with less expense spent on unnecessary vet bills.

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