– We do see and it has been well documented that dry food is a large contributor to allergies, it is has many ingredients that combine to confuse and degrade your furkids immunities and overall health.

– Cooking food for your furkid, this we always believed changes the make-up of the food from the protein through to the different types of fat.  A really good article on this is http://www.dogsnaturallymagazine.com/cooked-foods-causing-allergies-in-dogs/?inf_contact_key=49a26404ebfdcc39648c0a5e05fb57e407a1a5699c7436fac9d8256612e6b4f1

– Many professionals have written that the digestion of our furkids is central to there health and wellbeing, so if you get the digestion balanced you are on the right track to self healing, and we have seen many dogs / cats do just that when feed specieces appropriate diet.  We recommend a 2 week stint on straight Green Tripe to start any rebalancing. http://greentripe.com/noguts2.htm

– Once we start the balancing process, we also then suggest you bring in digestive holistic support. This complex blend also supports digestion, stomach and liver complaints, skin repair and hair regrowth without added yeast.  http://www.naturalanimalsolutions.com.au/DigestaVite-Plus.html

– Then when the digestion process has had a couple of weeks of tripe and digestive support we introduce bones, we normally start with chicken wings, because we can spread them out to make them bigger for the large dog as well as the small dog, and they are easier to chew and wouldnt take much to digest.  Then we introduce a protein at a time and you grow with your furkid.

By this time most people have noticed numerous changes in the animals ranging from calm behavioural changes to dramatic healthy skin and hair changes and a more energetic companion.

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