Wonderful Health Benefits of Organ Meat for your Pet

Just like specific superfoods are an important part of the human diet, organ meat is the bomb of nutrition for your furkid too!

The main raw diet consists of up to 5% organ meat and 5% liver overall. You could notice reactions if you tend to go over the 10 to 15% as the meat is packed full of nutrition and it could be an overload that the body needs to deal with in its normal ways.

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Liver –

Raw talks about liver a little separate from the other organs (kidney, lung, pancreas etc) because it’s probably the most power condensed area of valuable vitamins and nutrition. Feeding liver promotes health for the digestive system and the coat, as well as essential vitamin content needed to sustain health overall. It is in fact rich in many vitamins and fatty acids that include the following: 
Vitamin A 
Vitamin E
Vitamin K 
B Vitamins (B1, B2, B5, B6, B12) 
Omega 3 and 6 

Kidney –

When you look at overall feeding this little organ has one of highest levels of all the vitamins and minerals of the whole body plus some, so too much will get adverse reactions; we suggest, you move up to the percentage required rather than giving the right amount up front and just notice reactions. The specific vitamins that are packed in kidney meat includes the following: 
Vitamin A 
Vitamin E
Vitamin K 
Vitamin B12

Heart –

Heart is a muscle, but it’s like an organ in that it holds higher density of vitamins and minerals like an organ but is not part of your organ calculation. Has very concentrated source of CoQ10 for cell and heart function and high in collagen and elastin than regular muscle meat. Heart should be looked at as only a small percentage of the diet as part of your muscle meat, as the heart is a small part of the prey animal. It is also a great source of protein, B vitamins and iron.

Instincto has a range of high quality raw organ meat to incorporate into your pet’s diet. Our online range specifically includes the following organ meat for ordering:

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