How to Keep Your Pet in Good Health This Winter

If you are starting to feel cold and uncomfortable, then your pet is likely feeling the same way. If you haven’t already, pet owners should start thinking about the comfort levels of their furry companions. Luckily, there are a number of simple ways you can keep your pet safe and warm this winter.

Winter Coats

Although many cat and dog breeds have thick fur to keep them warm, when they are outside or on walks in the cold, they will still likely benefit from an additional winter coat. This is especially important if you have a thin, older or short haired breed.A good pet-coat or jumper will give coverage from the neck to the base of the tail while also giving protection to their belly. Make sure your pet’s coat is the right fit and isn’t restricting movement.Remember, don’t leave your pet’s coat on once they are in a heated indoor environment as they may over-heat under all those layers!

Better bedding

As the weather gets cooler, you might notice your pet is spending more time snuggled up in their bed. You can make a few simple adjustments to their bedding to ensure they are properly protected from the cold.Make sure your pet’s bed is away from drafts and elevated off cold, hard surfaces. You should raise the bed off the ground and add an extra blanket for warmth and comfort. Try not to place the bed too high though, as cold temperatures are especially tough on older dogs or cats with stiff joints who may have difficulty in movement after long periods of rest. You can place a heating pad or disc in their bed (avoid hot water bottles as there may be the temptation to chew!) to gently warm up the bedding and create a cosy, warm and safe sleeping environment

Keep your pet hydrated

The air both inside and outside homes becomes drier in the winter months so be sure to provide your pet with plenty of fresh water so they stay hydrated (and don’t let the water get too cold).

Tips for older dogs and cats in the cold

Cold weather can be harder on our older cats and dogs as, just like with people, the drop in temperature can aggravate stiff joints with arthritis.  You should be mindful of keeping a healthy exercise regime during winter without over-doing it. Dog walks should take no more than 20 minutes a day over even ground. Exercise encourages good circulation and develops muscle tone. Extra weight on your pet will only worsen joint pain.

Make sure your pet has a warm, comfortable rest area away from drafts and elevated off cold, hard surfaces. If you notice your pet is showing signs of discomfort associated with arthritis, you should take them to their vet for a check-up. Signs of pain or discomfort include stiffness, chewing or licking certain joints, difficulty walking up or down stairs, eating slowly and noticeable behavioural changes. 

Raw food diet

It’s also very important that your dog is consuming the right raw food diet to ensure they are receiving all of the nutrients they need for good health through Winter! A raw diet is packed with minerals and vitamins that will help keep your fight colds and other sicknesses from the cold. We also recommend adding organic turmeric to your dogs raw diet as it has amazing health benefits to help prevent sickness.  

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