How to Keep Cats Active During Cooler Weather

Here are a few simple ways to keep any cat active during the cooler weather if they tend to slow down during these months…  

1. Use Puzzle Feeders

Make meal time a game and mentally stimulating for the cat. Eating from an ordinary cat bowl does not require much thinking. It is more mentally stimulating for a cat, when the cat hunts for food, receiving it as a reward at the end.

 2. Provide Visual Stimulation

Winter days are darker, shorter, and colder. Cats prefer rolling into a fluffy ball and not moving much. What can make cats be more active in winter? Let them watch something interesting!One way to trigger the cat’s interest is to offer the cat a good window position.

Use a special cat window perch or just place a sturdy box or a chair next to the window.If you have a bird-attracting bush outside, it will give the kitty the desired free entertainment. Drop breadcrumbs outside and let the cat safely watch the birds through the window or a door mesh.

If you have a safe cat-proof yard or a cat enclosure, let the cat out on a sunny day. In Australia we are lucky to have green grass in winter. The cats can munch on the grass and look for critters that hide in the yard. 

 3. Use Stimulating Cat ToysYour cats probably have a lot of toys. The question is whether they play with them often enough. To trigger a cat activity, use cat toys that imitate the cat prey behaviour. Cats need to chase, grab, and “kill” the “prey”.

The easiest way to achieve that is to use a cat laser pointer or a cat wand toy.When you use the laser pointer, never flash it to the cat’s eye. Lead the red dot on the floor and stop it on a small physical object, e.g. a mouse toy, so the cat can grab it after chasing the laser dot. Reward the cat after that.

Play with your cat about 5-10 minutes several times a day to keep the cat active and stimulated. We’d love to hear what activities you do to keep your cat active during the cooler months of the year?

Drop a comment below, we’d love to share it with our Facebook followers 🙂  Read about how your pet’s health will benefit from a raw diet or browse our range.

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