Golden Paste Recipe and Amazing Benefits

Turmeric is one of the most biggest tested herbs in the world, which is why we can understand so well the list of incredible health benefits that it can have for your pets!

Golden paste is a special recipe that we suggest you make and feed to your pets, as it supports their body. Here are some of the amazing health benefits of golden paste:

  • Golden paste is a natural detox for your pet
  • It fights bacteria
  • Can reduce blood clots
  • Can help with those frustrating allergies
  • Has been used in the treatment of epilepsy in dogs
  • Has natural inflammatory properties that help alleviate pain
  • Golden paste has anti inflammatory agents that have benefits for the heart and the liver
  • Golden paste promotes digestive health
  • Is believed to have cancer fighting agents

Now you know how incredible it is for your pets health, you’ll want to know how to make it right?!

Ingredients –

Half a cup of organic turmeric

1 cup of water

⅓ cup of coconut water

Half a tablespoon of cracked pepper

One tablespoon of cinnamon


  1. Cooked the tumeric and water on the stove top for around 7 minutes to form a paste like consistency
  2. Pull the pot off the stove and mix in the rest of the ingredients and stir 

Start with a quarter of a teaspoon for little dogs and work up to a teaspoon for bigger dogs. You can feed it to them in their water or their food, once or twice a day. Can keep it in a glass jar for up to 2 weeks.

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