HMS Total Joint Mix

Total Joint Mix – Supports Joint issues

Does your dog suffer from joint issues or Arthritis?  We have a mix that might help!

Our Homestyle Total Joint Mix (TJM) has been developed for dogs with joint issues. We researched all the qualities of the natural source, so that there are no additives and because it comes from the natural source, it is digested and taken up by the body in the most efficient way.

We developed this because we had many dogs coming in with joint issues, and we wanted something that would be supportive through a mix and was part of there overall diet. We don’t have the deep pockets that are needed for testing, and that is why we stayed with products that had documentation as to what they bring to a body, and we simply put it into a mix that worked. We have had this on our menu for over 4 years now, and there are many people have attested to observations of increased health and movement from having TJM as part of a raw diet.  Noticeably chicken and beef are not part of the mix, this is because we have found many dogs have reactions which are inflammatory and so decided not to include these in the mix and use products less used, allowing the body to have the best chance to use the elements within the mix.

Simply it is designed to bring all the elements that support joints and natural anti-inflammatory together in a raw mix and thereby giving support to the body to heal.

Our Total Joint Mix includes:

  • Kangaroo – low fat, high natural minerals, organic by nature.
  • Sheep Heart – High Source CoQ10 – helps heart functioning, contains twice as much collagen and elastin than regular meat for joints..
  • Trachea – Joint support a reliable source of Glucosamine / Chondroitin
  • Liver – for overall mix of organ meat in a diet
  • Whole Mullet – for omega oil, bone and well being
  • Duck Wings – Low allergen good fats
  • Green Lip Mussel – anti-inflammatory properties
  • Turmeric – for overall well being through antioxidants 
  • Kelp – great for boron and cobalt both needed for bone development.  Arthritic bone has been found to be low in both boron and cobalt. 
  • Chia Seeds –  for their anti-inflammatory elements of omega-3, quercetin and minerals.

It is available in 1, 5 or 10kg bags

You can order Total Joint Mix online or please contact us with any questions!  

total joint mix

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