Muscle Builder Mix from Instincto

Muscle Builder Mix to Support Skin, Tendons & Muscles

The Instincto Muscle Builder Mix was originally formulated to assist many of our Blue and American Staffy’s coming in with skin issues.  We found their owners were not only wanting skin support through a hypoallergenic blend, but also a blend that would support tendon and muscle development.  

We felt it was important that the mix be developed to support both young and older dogs.  Research was conducted to find ingredients that would offer muscle development, tendon support and anti-inflammatory benefits.  It was especially important for growing dogs, that we found a mix that could offer tendon support and anti-inflammatory benefits, due to the cycle of damage and repair as the muscles develop. 

Through our research we also learnt that boron (kelp) is a vital component in that it seems to affect the way the body handles other minerals such as calcium, magnesium, and phosphorus, important for creating strong bone structure for early development and long term future bone support. 

The mix we found, through our own trials and customer feedback, tends to support muscle and skin from the younger dog to the older dog as the ingredients we use are whole foods, that are used in all stages of life.

This is one of our only mixes that takes into account the 80/10/10 for raw feeding.

 Our Muscle Builder Mix includes: 

  •  Roo & heart – muscle meat
  • Trachea & Mullet – joint support
  • Duck wings – calcium & fat
  • Turmeric – overall well being through antioxidants
  •  Kelp – muscle recovery and growth
  • Chia Seeds – protein / omega/ potassium/ and hydration

Our Muscle Mix is currently available in 1, 5 or 10kg bags. Visit our webpage to order or contact us with any questions.  

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