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What are the Benefits of a Holistic Vet

Benefits of a Holistic Vet

Are you looking for a more natural way?  So many of us have done away with medicines, harsh chemicals and preservatives in order to cure, clean or feed in a more natural way.  But what about your pets?  

Many pet owners still follow the traditional views of a conventional Veterinarian, despite making a conscious effort to search for a more natural solution. 

So is there another option? 

The good news is, there are alternatives to traditional medicines and healthcare for your pets, and they are becoming increasingly popular in Australia.  If you are interested in changing the way you view your pet’s health care, a great place to start is by finding a Holistic Veterinarian.

What is a Holistic Veterinarian?

Holistic Veterinarians take healthcare beyond that of traditional Veterinary.  Their treatment or healing is focused on prevention, and a natural approach to treating your pets. This holistic approach does not just look at a single part of the body but treats animals naturally using a ‘whole’ approach.  

A holistic Vet is trained in both Conventional medicine and alternative modalities, such as Chiropractic, Acupuncture, homeopathy and holistic nutrition.  They are usually extremely intuitive and will come to their conclusions based on their own observations and can make educated choices to add alternative protocols to their practice. 

Their aim is to restore the animal’s health by reaching the root of the problem instead of managing the symptoms – this includes physical, mental and emotional health.

“To achieve this, your pet’s entire medical history and lifestyle is considered, as well as exercise, nutrition, relationships with humans and other pets, stress and environment”, says Sydney holistic veterinarian Dr Barbara Fougere from All Natural Vet Care.

“These factors are important in helping to determine the best integrative approach for your pet, such as massage, chiropractic, acupuncture, physiotherapy and herbal medicine and sometimes in combination with mainstream medicine,” she says.

Benefits of Holistic Pet Care

What benefits can you and your pet expect?

  • Addresses the cause of the health problem
  • Focuses on whole body health
  • A natural approach
  • Focuses on prevention through lifestyle changes and other factors
  • Variety of treatment options
  • Strengthens the immune system
  • Promotes faster healing
  • Improves overall health and wellbeing
  • Improves diet and nutrition
  • Minimises the side effects of some conventional prescription medication

Holistic Diet

If you have chosen to feed your pets a raw diet, you should consider that a Holistic Veterinarian might be the best option for your pet’s healthcare needs.  

While a Holistic Veterinarian may use their own unique variety of preventative and alternative therapies, most of them will be advocates in the practice that, healthy nutrition comes first.

Holistic veterinarians fully understand the importance of feeding fresh, whole, species appropriate foods to your dog or cat and most will view feeding commercial foods as an obstacle to curing disease and improving your pet’s overall health.  They will be able to offer support in your raw feeding journey and help you adjust the raw diet if they see any potential problems. 

New to holistic pet care? At Instincto, we supply and deliver fresh preservative-free, raw pet food to people who care to feed a more holistic, raw diet to their companion animal, whether reptiles / canines / felines or avian. Our beliefs are based on what our companion animals would eat in nature.

Browse our Range or please contact us with any questions!   

holistic vet

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