Preparing, Welcoming & Caring for your New Puppy!

Those new puppy moments are absolutely priceless.  When you first bring them home it is an exciting time for the whole family. Soon your new puppy will be a member of the family that you can’t remember being without, but in the beginning, it can be a very scary experience for them.

Puppies New Home!

Coming into a new environment with people that they’ve never met before after being removed from their mother and siblings, it’s no wonder that your new pet will be a little anxious in the beginning. 

Here are a few tips on ways in which you can prepare your family and household for the arrival of their new favourite family member.  

  • Keep other animals outside and make sure that the house is quiet to reduce as much stress as possible. 
  • Try to avoid having too many children around at this time as excited children might be overwhelming to a small puppy.  
  • Close off doors to other rooms and keep the puppy contained in just one area where it will be fully supervised.
  • Allow the puppy to explore the room and then to meet his new family in a calm and quiet manner.  
  • Take the lead from the puppy as to whether it wants to be cuddled or played with or even have a nap.  
  • Have its new bed set up in the room in which the puppy can also have a sniff around.
  • Consider having a soft toy with its siblings’ scent in the bed so that the puppy gets the feeling that this is where it belongs. 

Puppy Proof Your Home

Before picking up the newest family member, the home must be puppy-proofed.

Here are some of our top safety tips for ensuring a safe environment for your furbaby.

  • Put away loose articles such as shoes, clothes and kids toys.
  • Remove all floor plants that the puppy might chew on or knock over.  
  • Secure anything that is hanging low such as table cloths and tea towels.  
  • Wrap anything such as the chair and table legs that your puppy might chew on. 
  • Secure any cables and electrical cords that your puppy might chew on. 
  • Block all access to pools, ponds and dangerous areas as puppies can squirm through some fairly small spaces.
  • Check your fences for any small holes. Puppies can get through even the smallest of holes.
  • Cover any small spots in the house that a puppy could hide in such as under beds and behind wardrobes.
  • Make sure that all the doors to cupboards and drawers are always left closed.

Feeding Your Puppy

You might like to feed the puppy at the same time it was fed at its previous home so that it doesn’t end up with any tummy upsets. However, the whole routine will be seemingly different for your new puppy who will no longer have to fight off hungry siblings to get a feed.

Why not use feeding time as a training opportunity. For example, once the food is prepared, hold onto the puppy’s collar to get it to sit and wait.  As soon as the puppy calms down, say a word such as ‘ok’ and then release it to have dinner.  This same training should happen before every meal and soon the young dog will know to wait calmly for its food.

What To Feed Your Puppy

Puppies need nothing more than their mother’s milk for the first three weeks but from then on weaning begins.  Your breeder can give you some great advice and you can also speak to your Vet, or of course, our team here at Instincto.

At Instincto, our beliefs are based on what animals would eat in nature and the act of eating by instinct.  Therefore we believe in and recommend a raw pet food diet for your puppy. We can supply and deliver your new puppy with a range of fresh, preservative-free, puppy friendly, raw pet foods.

Bones are essential at puppy stage, it is a good practice to hang on to bones like Duck wings, so that you can move it about to allow your puppy to learn how to deal with a bone, and prevent any sort of rushed eating of bones.  This also allows you to train your dog that you can pickup and take there food at anytime. Young cats / dogs need bone for there development so please remember bones, but only appropriate for their size and a digestible bone,  mainly poultry at puppy stage.

We believe it is vital to a dog’s long-term health that they eat the best possible food.  It can be especially damaging to puppies to allow them to eat processed foods containing harmful ingredients, additives and chemicals. A puppy’s stomach lining is more permeable than an adult dog’s, so the risk of causing lasting health issues is much greater.

Puppies Eat Free!

Instincto wants to help your puppy get off to the best start in life! We offer the first two weeks of food FREE when you first put your puppy on a raw diet! T’s and C’s apply.

Contact us to arrange a time to call in and discuss your puppies breed. We can also offer you some great information about how a raw diet will improve your puppies health and well being.

welcoming a new puppy

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