6 Ways To Get Your Pet Active During Winter

When winter rolls around, it can feel like you and your pet are cooped up inside for days on end. It’s colder and gets dark earlier which can drain your motivation to get out and get active! 

But don’t let that be an excuse for you and your fur baby not to get moving.  

Check out these 6 creative ways to ensure that your pup remains active and healthy this winter.

1. Indoor Fetch – Fetch might seem like a simple suggestion for an exercise, but playing fetch is an easy way to motivate your dog to participate in fun, cardiovascular activity. Find somewhere with a decent amount of room in a section of your house, find your dog’s favourite toy or ball and throw it as far as you can, allowing them to sprint after it. You can also practice commands such as “sit”, “drop it”, and “wait”. Not only does this activity promote physical activity, but it provides mental stimulation for your pup as well. Repeating the process will help to wear out your pet and keep them fully exercised.

2. Doggie Stairs – If you have a set of stairs in your house, running stairs with your dog can be a great solution to getting that heart rate up and pumping. You can participate with your dog, jogging up and down the stairs in intervals but you might also like to practice teaching your dog to “wait” at the bottom of the stairs. Once you have reached the top, instruct them to “come”. 

3. Teaching New Tricks – Dogs love to learn and one of the best ways to keep your pet active and stimulated is to teach them new tricks. Tricks such as rolling over, catching toys/balls in their mouths, or balancing treats/toys on their noses are all activities that ensure physical and mental exercise. 

4. Playdates – Playdates basically guarantee physical exercise. Dogs love to chase, wrestle, and play tug-of-war with each other for hours. 

5. Weather Permitting Walks/Jogs – If the weather permits, a walk or jog is still one of the best ways to promote activity and stimulation for you and your pet. There is no doubt that dogs crave the outdoors. Try and plan your routine so that you can take your dog for a walk during the warmest part of the day or before it gets dark. This will help you to stay motivated and stick to the routine without looking for an excuse to avoid the winter weather. Most dogs can endure colder temperatures than we can, but if your pet is particularly sensitive to the cold, consider the need to dress them appropriately. 

6. Pet Doors – Having an accessible pet door in your home is the easiest way to promote your dog’s exercise. The freedom to access the outdoors is crucial for overall health and well-being, especially if you are away from home during the day. 

Regularly exercising your pet is just as important as exercise for you. Health benefits range widely but include helping hip joints, reducing digestive problems, and keeping your dog and cat at a healthy weight, which decreases the likelihood of developing other health problems.

At Instincto, we believe in a holistic approach to your pet’s health. To Browse our range…

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