Beef Meat is Gone!

Beef for us has been a bone of contention for a long time now (pun intended), as we have been selling it because it’s the done thing, everyone sells it and many barf and straight mixes in the market have it as part of their mix. Even some have roo mixed with beef offal which we struggle to understand why.

Our issue with this protein and even what the raw market is doing, is that the reactions from our own years of observation and reports from you, our customer, is that it has the highest level of allergic reactions. Coupled with this is the unstable pricing that continues to go upward sometimes monthly. So in saying all of that, we have made a decision to no longer stock it.

We have been able to secure a constant supply of lamb cuts that are price stable and best of all a known protein that has a lot less reactions to that of the Beef protein, and therefore more dogs can use this cut to bring the good fats to their diet. With this we are able to mix heart and lamb organ meat to the product to give another single protein mix to the range with organ meat, similar to that of the Kangaroo All Rounder.

We will keep the Roo and Beef Mix which is the beef fat mixed with roo, and beef brisket as a bone.  However with the lamb offer we now have these beautiful necks 200mm plus with a nice meat component, for the medium dog.

You will see we have dropped the Beef Category on the website, and put a Lamb Category in its place, and some of the popular mixes have also changed. Roo Chicken Beef, is now Roo Chicken Lamb, and we also do a Kangaroo and Lamb. Remember that when you see lamb our mix has organ in it. So all the mixes that have lamb in them have the organ in it, but will be diluted when mixed with other proteins.

This is just the beginning to some changes coming this year. We truly appreciate you, our customer and love the feedback. We are focused on being as simple an offer as we can, and to stay true to our motto… We deliver Raw, nature brings the Benefits. This is the driver behind the dropping of beef – lamb brings more benefits!


Team Instincto.

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