Raw Case Study – Alfie the Border Collie

Meet Alfie!  Alfie is a Border Collie from Redcliffe that started on Raw when he was 4 months old.  Find out why his human family chose Raw for their furbaby and all the benefits they are seeing so far!

Each month we will be featuring a beautiful Instincto Fur baby!  If you would like to tell us your Raw story, we would love to hear from you. Simply fill in this questionnaire Instincto Case Study Questionnaire  and upload a few photos!

Fur Babies Name, Age and Breed: 

Alfie, 8 mths, Border Collie

What were the initial reasons you wanted to start a Raw diet for your fur family?  Did your furbaby have a condition or illness you were trying to help?

We had heard about the benefits of Raw and the nasties in packaged pet foods, so when we finally found Alfie, we knew we’d eventually transition him to Raw.  He was perfectly healthy, so a Raw diet was mainly to keep him that way and help him grow up big and strong (with hopefully less trips to the Vet!).

How long have you now been feeding Raw?

4 months

What are your fur baby’s favourite foods? 

So far he loves the Chunky Kangaroo mix, Roo and Lamb, Chicken/Turkey/Fish mix and his Duck Wings!

Do you add other foods/supplements to your Raw meals?  If so, please list some of your favourites.

Nothing too exciting so far, but we have been adding a raw egg every few days, some pureed veges, and yoghurt and blueberries occasionally.

What improvements/changes have you noticed from feeding Raw so far?

Alfie is growing beautifully.  His muscles are developing well, teeth are white and clean and his coat is so shiny!  We get people commenting daily that he must have just had a bath, but we only bathe him once/month. His poos are also so much easier to pick up!

Did you have any hesitations or concerns about starting Raw?  If so, please explain.

Initially I was worried that with 4 children there would be too much prep work involved and I didn’t have a lot of extra time to educate myself on the different products available.  However the Instincto team explained everything really clearly and simply, and the Puppy Pack was amazing to get started with.  We ended up just staying on the same mixes for the first couple of  months and now as I get time, I read up on other products and add them as we go. It is really simple and I actually enjoy the prep work which is only once per month now anyway!

Do you have any tips for others that are new or considering starting a Raw diet?

I would just say to do some reading about the benefits of Raw, but also about what is actually in Kibble and processed pet foods.  It just makes so much sense to change over to Raw.  Keep it simple to start and add in as you go.  Start off with the Puppy pack and then just try a few different mixes to see what your pet likes and what his body needs.  We are currently noticing that as our pup is exercising more, he needs a bit more fat added into his diet, so we are looking forward to adding in some Lamb this month on recommendation of the Instincto team.

How have you enjoyed your experience with Instincto?

They have been so helpful and are very passionate about what they do.  The foods are always really fresh and neatly delivered.  The online ordering system is easy to use and I’m going to try the Set and Forget Subscription this month, now that I know how much food we need each month.  

Would you recommend Raw and Instincto to others?

Yes definitely!

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