Raw Case Study – Isha the Spoodle

Meet Isha!  Find out all about this gorgeous fur baby in our latest Raw Case Study.

Each month we will be featuring a beautiful Instincto Furbaby!  If you would like to tell us your Raw story, we would love to hear from you. Simply fill in this questionnaire  and upload a few photos.  We will then reward you with 2 loyalty points, for helping our community with real stories!

Fur Babies Name, Age and Breed:

Isha, 8 years, Spoodle

Owner’s Name:


What were the initial reasons you wanted to start a Raw diet for your fur family?  Did your furbaby have a condition or illness you were trying to help?

I didn’t want my dog to eat processed food and wanted her to consume less toxins. It was also important that she have good digestion as raw food supports good gut bacteria.

How long have you now been feeding Raw?

8 Years

What are your fur baby’s favourite foods? 

Muscle Builder Mix and Duck Wings

Do you add other foods/supplements to your Raw meals?  If so, please list some of your favourites.

Coconut Oil sometimes.

What improvements/changes have you noticed from feeding Raw so far?

She is very healthy and still has all of her teeth. She doesn’t suffer from Obesity and has a lot of energy still at age 8. She has no fleas and or skin issues, and little to no vet visits over the 8 years, which I put down to good naturally nutrient rich food.

Did you have any hesitations or concerns about starting Raw?  If so, please explain.

No I don’t as that is all my dog has consumed since we purchased her at 3 months old.

Do you have any tips for others that are new or considering starting a Raw diet?

Just keep being persistent with it at meal times. I always purchase her meat minced as she is a little fussy, and has never been keen on the chunky sized meat.  She loves her Duck Wings.

How have you enjoyed your experience with Instincto?

Yes as they have a wealth of information and are always generous with their time.

Would you recommend Raw and Instincto to others?


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