Raw Case Study – Fluffy the Doberman

Meet Fluffy the Doberman!  Find out all about this gorgeous fur baby in our latest Raw Case Study.

Each month we will be featuring a beautiful Instincto Fur baby!  If you would like to tell us your Raw story, we would love to hear from you. Simply fill in this questionnaire  and upload a few photos.  We will then reward you with 2 loyalty points, for helping our community with real stories!

Fur Babies Name, Age and Breed:

Fluffy, 8yr old Doberman

What were the initial reasons you wanted to start a Raw diet for your fur family?  Did your furbaby have a condition or illness you were trying to help?

Because we thought that it was more appropriate to feed a raw diet to keep healthy as nature intended. Fluffy had skin allergies and liver disease.

How long have you now been feeding Raw?

5 Years on Raw food

What are your fur baby’s favourite foods? 

Chicken and Salmon

Do you add other foods/supplements to your Raw meals?  If so, please list some of your favourites.

Omega 3 oil to help with skin allergies as recommended by you kind people.

What improvements/changes have you noticed from feeding Raw so far?

We noticed that Fluffy had a very shiny coat. We also noticed healthier looking gums and teeth, with not bad smelling breath either. Noticeably less poop in the yard.

Do you have any tips for others that are new or considering starting a Raw diet?

Keep their feeding time consistent, buy in bulk and freeze in suitable portion sizes.

How have you enjoyed your experience with Instincto?

Absolutely you are Rock Stars.

Would you recommend Raw and Instincto to others?


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