About The Instincto Family

Simply, we are a small family company who struggled to find a supplier of fresh raw preservative free meat for our animals some 7 plus years ago and went about creating a place that not only had various mixes and bone offers but also shared education /contacts for our customers to have there own journey of learning without preaching, and most importantly a fresh philosophy for our food.

We know that many diseases start from the mouth and it’s a clean healthy meat and bone diet that assists in keeping our favorite companions around for a longer healthier life, with less vet visits.

This has been a real journey for us personally, and the raw direction that we take is on our tag line, WE DELIVER RAW, NATURE BRINGS BENEFITS. We know we can add many different things to our mixes, but who is to say that what we add is good for a 3kg or a 28kg pet, so we keep ourselves focused on NATURE BRINGS BENEFITS. So what does nature provide, so if you want good omegas we add mullet, or emu which naturally brings these benefits; if we want to bring assistance for joints and tendons we put trachea and green lip muscles. After applying this mantra to our business we then questioned what we were doing for our family applied it to ourselves, which basically forced us to near dropping everything manufactured and focusing on fresh. Based on our journey of education and experiences from our customers we look for other different proteins so as to give variation to our furkids diets, so from time to time we get offers that we bring to our customers.

We encourage you to share on our app and Facebook so that others learn, we ask that you share without prejudice and extreme opinion. We simply will offer you our thoughts and learning, and appreciate that everyone has there own way of learning and applying what is learnt and we certainly ask others to contribute to share wisdom gained and hold judgments, so the environment is a sharing experience.

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