Components of a Raw Balanced Diet

Here at Instincto, we are here to help you on your journey to giving your pets a balanced raw diet so that they can receive the correct amount of nutrients, minerals and vitamins to ensure good health throughout their lifetime! Follow our guide on the components that need to be included in their raw diet… 1.Calcium Dogs, and especially puppies, need a solid source of minerals. Especially calcium and phosphorus. Your dog wouldn’t survive without them. If you feed your dog bones, you’ll mostly get the minerals right. The most important ones to worry about are calcium and phosphorus.Both dogs...

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2019 Christmas Trading Hours

As Christmas is approaching, please take note of our end of year trading times and important dates. Please make sure you forward order Pickup and Delivery for the Christmas and New Year period – walk in stock will go quickly as we don’t want any leftover for the Christmas break. Will will be open Monday 23rd Dec from 3pm to 6pm for Pickups, Shop will Close 11.30am Tuesday 24th December. The Last Delivery Day for the year will be Tuesday 23rd December to all areas. Important Dates for Christmas and New Year Trading: Friday 20th Dec – Normal Day. Saturday 21st Dec – Normal...

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Golden Paste Recipe and Amazing Benefits

Turmeric is one of the most biggest tested herbs in the world, which is why we can understand so well the list of incredible health benefits that it can have for your pets! Golden paste is a special recipe that we suggest you make and feed to your pets, as it supports their body. Here are some of the amazing health benefits of golden paste: Golden paste is a natural detox for your petIt fights bacteriaCan reduce blood clotsCan help with those frustrating allergiesHas been used in the treatment of epilepsy in dogsHas natural inflammatory properties that help alleviate painGolden...

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Skin Microbiome in Healthy and Allergic Dogs

Changes in the microbial populations on the skin of animals have traditionally been evaluated using conventional microbiology techniques. The sequencing of bacterial 16S rRNA genes has revealed that the human skin is inhabited by a highly diverse and variable microbiome that had previously not been demonstrated by culture-based methods. A recent study’s goal was to describe the microbiome inhabiting different areas of the canine skin, and to compare the skin microbiome of healthy and allergic dogs. Here are the principal findings from the study… DNA extracted from superficial skin swabs...

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How to Keep Cats Active During Cooler Weather

Here are a few simple ways to keep any cat active during the cooler weather if they tend to slow down during these months…   1. Use Puzzle Feeders Make meal time a game and mentally stimulating for the cat. Eating from an ordinary cat bowl does not require much thinking. It is more mentally stimulating for a cat, when the cat hunts for food, receiving it as a reward at the end.  2. Provide Visual Stimulation Winter days are darker, shorter, and colder. Cats prefer rolling into a fluffy ball and not moving much. What can make cats be more active in winter? Let...

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Impressive $16M Dog Park Opens Overseas

Canine Commons is a $16 million project designed to suit the needs of dogs, which include training, educating, socializing, and access to quality food and supplies, in Austin Texas.  The Austin facility will have an indoor dog park, coffee shop, and a place to socialize. There’s even a dog walking track. Those locals who wish to visit the park will have access to more than 50,000 square feet of climate-controlled indoor off-leash space, which will be monitored by the Canine Commons staff. This facility is climate-controlled due to the extreme heat outside that affects many pet...

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Our Recommended Dog Walks Around Brisbane

If you’re based in Brisbane or the surrounding area, we have some great dog walks that will keep you and your pet fit and healthy as you can do these walks together in the beautiful outdoors and fresh air! Walk 1: Brisbane CBD, South Bank Loop   Where to start – Park somewhere below the William Jolly Bridge and take your dog on the Brisbane City SouthBank loop. This lovely riverside stroll has plenty of shade trees and runs along the southside of the Brisbane River below the Gallery of Modern Art, Queensland Art Gallery, under Victoria Bridge and on through South...

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How to Keep Your Pet in Good Health This Winter

If you are starting to feel cold and uncomfortable, then your pet is likely feeling the same way. If you haven’t already, pet owners should start thinking about the comfort levels of their furry companions. Luckily, there are a number of simple ways you can keep your pet safe and warm this winter. Winter Coats Although many cat and dog breeds have thick fur to keep them warm, when they are outside or on walks in the cold, they will still likely benefit from an additional winter coat. This is especially important if you have a thin, older or short haired breed.A good pet-coat or jumper...

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How to Puppy Proof Your House

Most people will say having a new puppy in the house is a bigger shock than a new baby. With a baby you have plenty of time to get the house safe as they grow and develop. A puppy is in full-on grab-and-destroy mode from the day they arrive. Follow our checklist to make sure you have properly puppy-proofed your house for your new arrival… Poisonous Plants – Every garden has them. You can try to remove them but why not construct a secure pen in a sheltered part of the yard where you can leave your puppy safely during the day? Chewable items – Anything that...

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Difference in Dogs with Left Paw Preference

Some neuroscientists believe that someone’s hand preference tells us something about the way that a person’s brain is organised. It is common knowledge that the left side of the brain controls the right side of the body and vice versa. There is also research that showcases that the emotional responses on the two sides of the brain are different. Some of the data suggests that in humans the left brain is associated with positive feelings, like love, a sense of attachment, a feeling of safety and calm. Whereas the right side of the brain in humans can portray negative behaviors, like...

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