Benefits of Diatomaceous Earth for Dogs

diatomaceous earth for dogs
For Pet Owners, in short, Diatomaceous earth is an all natural, readily available and affordable product that works as a very effective parasite control for your dogs.   Food grade Diatomaceous Earth (DE), also known as natural amorphous silica, is an extremely versatile, and completely natural product that may be used in many ways, to achieve significant improvements in human, plant and animal health. It is an organic, non-toxic, chemical free, natural mineral, making it suitable for use anywhere – from a small garden to the largest agricultural ventures, and for animals of...

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Tips to Prepare your Pets for Returning to Work or School

We’d all like to be staying home with our fur babies, but it’s that time of year when some of us are called back to school or work.   Everyone will be getting ready to go back into their regular routines after the Summer holidays, but have you also considered your pets?   Some pets handle this separation better than others, but if you have a more anxious fur baby, you’d be well aware of the signs of separation anxiety. SEPARATION ANXIETY IN PETS Separation anxiety is when a pet displays distress or behavioral problems when left alone or separated from their owner. ...

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Ways to Keep Pets Cool & Prevent Overheating

Summer is only 1 week away and the temperatures and humidity are rising!As you know it’s incredibly important to look out for pets during this time as overheating can cause heatstroke, which can in turn, lead to organ failure and even death.Some pets are particularly susceptible like the elderly, overweight or those suffering from a medical condition. Dogs Cooling occurs through Panting Did you know dogs don’t sweat?  They cool themselves through panting (evaporative cooling from the lungs and mouth), lying on a cool surface and drinking cool water.   Brachycephalic...

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How to Spot the Signs & Prevent Liver Disease In Dogs

The liver is a remarkable organ that has so many fundamental roles in keeping the body healthy. It assists with digestion and blood clotting and removes toxins from their system, just to name a few!   The Liver has an amazing ability to regenerate itself when damaged.  The downside of this ability, however, is that we might not see the signs of liver damage in your dog until it’s too late.  Often by the time you notice the signs, the damage has occurred and it is irreversible.  That’s why it’s crucial to understand the signs of liver damage, the potential causes and ways you can try...

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What and How much to Include in your Pet’s Raw Diet

Switching a dog with an existing health problem to a raw diet can often produce an improvement in their condition. Among healthy pets, a raw diet is likely to help prevent some of the illnesses that are now common in many dogs. Most importantly, a high quality raw diet with bones will help promote a long, healthy, and happy life for you and your companion animal! If you are new to Raw or just starting out, you may feel a little nervous and unsure of exactly what to feed and how much.  That is completely natural.  However if you follow the basic rules below, and you monitor your...

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7 Tips to Keep your Pets Healthy this Winter!

Winter is fast approaching and so is the need for us to be on top of our health before the cold and flu season, and our beloved pets are no exception. Unfortunately our pets, just like us, are susceptible to these illnesses but we can be proactive in ensuring optimal health. Here are several ways we can keep your pets’ immune system ready and fighting fit. 1. Diet and Supplements It goes without saying, you are what you eat. And a raw food diet is a sure fire way to implement a holistic nutrient dense diet rich in essential vitamins and minerals. Roo meat for instance is full...

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How to Treat & Prevent Common Illnesses in Pets

We all love our pets, but at some point, it’s inevitable they will get sick. In this article, we discuss common illnesses for pets, available treatments, and other important things to look out for to keep your pet healthy. Worms and Heartworm Worms and heartworm are one of the most common illnesses for pets. They can be contracted from: BirthMosquitoes and other insectsFleas and the environment Common symptoms include vomiting and diarrhoea, weight loss and a dry coat. While there are preventative treatments on the market, individual treatment through your vet is recommended,...

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Holidaying with Pets – A Pet Travel Guide

With the Easter holidays just around the corner, and some travel restrictions still in place, you may be considering a family getaway in your local region. Whether you are planning a few day trips, a weekend down the coast or two weeks exploring your great state, the change of scenery will be a great chance to break the mundane routine of school and work!  Once you make the decision to go however, next comes the planning and preparation. Where will you head to, what will you do, how will you travel and of course, who will you take? Taking your pet on holidays Our fur babies are...

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How A Raw Diet Can Support Your Pups Muscle Development

Diet is a very important part of keeping your dog healthy.  A poor diet in pets can result in many health complications from allergies, cancer, behavioural issues, joint mobility and tendon and muscle development to name a few. A raw food diet is the most natural and healthiest way to ensure your pet is getting all the nutrients they need from the natural source to help ensure they live long, healthy and happy lives with fewer health complications. A raw diet helps support your pets overall physical and mental development as they go from your cute little puppy to leader of the pack. A...

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Natural Ways To Prevent Cancer in Your Pets

Cancer is among the leading causes of pet deaths in both young and old age. According to some recent research, one in ten dogs will die of cancer. While you may be able to seek certain treatments after a diagnosis, dog owners are more and more looking for ways to best protect their pets against this dreadful disease.  Here are a number of ways that you can look after your pets’ health by implementing some preventative health measures against the risks of cancer.  1. Diet Diet is important for your pets health because it can either help or hinder when it comes to cell...

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