Benefits of Diatomaceous Earth for Dogs

diatomaceous earth for dogs
For Pet Owners, in short, Diatomaceous earth is an all natural, readily available and affordable product that works as a very effective parasite control for your dogs.   Food grade Diatomaceous Earth (DE), also known as natural amorphous silica, is an extremely versatile, and completely natural product that may be used in many ways, to achieve significant improvements in human, plant and animal health. It is an organic, non-toxic, chemical free, natural mineral, making it suitable for use anywhere – from a small garden to the largest agricultural ventures, and for animals of...

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Is Fish Safe for Your Pets?

Fish is a good source of several key vitamins and minerals that play important roles in maintaining your pet’s health throughout her life. It can form an important part of your Fresh Raw pet food diet for both your cats and dogs. Fish have much higher levels of Omega 3 and Omega 6 than other proteins, which really help with the overall well being of your companion. The Benefits of Omega-3 Fats Most of us understand the health benefits of including Omega-3 fats in our own diets, but Omega-3 fats can also provide our pets with a range of health benefits when included in their diet...

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Raw Chicken & Poultry Products in your Pet’s Raw Diet

Raw chicken and poultry products are an excellent protein source for carnivores like Dogs.  It can lower your dog’s risk of obesity by reducing carbs out of their diet and can also eliminate preservatives and other chemicals from the equation.  As always with a pet’s raw diet, care should be taken when keeping your companion on just one protein, for Pet food, over time they may build up allergies to the protein.  It is always advisable to have a mix of the poultry or add some red meat if your companion is not allergic.  This allows for diversity in your pet food...

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What Supplements or other Foods can be included in a Raw Diet?

In our other recent articles we discussed the basic guide we use to breakdown your pet’s raw diet, and the types of Meat, Bone and Organs and their main benefits.  Now we’ll move onto the various other foods and supplements that can easily be added into your pet’s Raw diet as required.    What other common foods and supplements can be added to your Raw diet? FRUITS & VEGETABLES Some of the most popular Fruits and Veges are below. Please note that all fruits and vegetables should ideally be pureed prior to feeding as this assists with digestion.  Yellow/Orange...

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What types of Meat, Bones and Organs can be included in a Raw Diet?

In our previous article we discussed the basic guide we use to breakdown your pet’s raw diet, and now we’ll move on to discuss the types of Meat, Bone and Organs readily available and their main benefits.   Here is a reminder of how to calculate the amount of food and how that is generally broken up. What and How Much Raw to include in your Raw Diet If you have a healthy adult dog, feed him or her 2% to 3% of his body weight. So if your dog is 45kg, feed him 1125g per day.  Please check our Raw Food Calculator, as it does take into account many other elements...

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Why Kangaroo Is One of The Best Proteins For Pets

Roo is fast becoming the most preferred lean meat in Australia’s healthy, and environmentally conscious, kitchens… and dog bowls. You’ve probably already heard about the amazing benefits of kangaroo meat.  It is one of the leanest meats available, with only 2% fat and virtually 0% saturated fat which makes it a much healthier red meat option compared to beef and other meats. High Protein Diet Dogs have evolved on high-meat diets for centuries,  their digestive systems have adapted to get the most from a carnivorous high protein diet. One of the main reasons that...

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Beef Meat is Gone!

Beef for us has been a bone of contention for a long time now (pun intended), as we have been selling it because it’s the done thing, everyone sells it and many barf and straight mixes in the market have it as part of their mix. Even some have roo mixed with beef offal which we struggle to understand why. Our issue with this protein and even what the raw market is doing, is that the reactions from our own years of observation and reports from you, our customer, is that it has the highest level of allergic reactions. Coupled with this is the unstable pricing that continues to go upward sometimes...

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How A Raw Diet Can Support Your Pups Muscle Development

Diet is a very important part of keeping your dog healthy.  A poor diet in pets can result in many health complications from allergies, cancer, behavioural issues, joint mobility and tendon and muscle development to name a few. A raw food diet is the most natural and healthiest way to ensure your pet is getting all the nutrients they need from the natural source to help ensure they live long, healthy and happy lives with fewer health complications. A raw diet helps support your pets overall physical and mental development as they go from your cute little puppy to leader of the pack. A...

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Feeding Raw To Ensure A Happy & Healthy Fur Family In 2021

Many people are motivated to make the move to a raw diet because it’s more natural and less processed than most commercial pet diets currently available. Others feed their pets a raw food diet because it makes sense that if they feed themselves a healthy balanced diet, then it’s logical to feed their pets in the same way. Others simply feed raw because their pets love it! Whatever your motivation is to make the switch this year, raw is by far the best way to ensure a happy and healthy fur family in 2021. Reasons To Feed Raw  A raw food diet closely resembles the diet your dog or...

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Why Does My Pet Have Food Allergies And What Can I Do About It?

Food allergies are a rising concern with pet owners and it seems like more and more pets on poor diets are suffering from them. Switching to a balanced, varied, species-appropriate raw diet is certainly an important part in combating your pet’s food allergies. A raw diet ensures that our pets, and especially the growing ones, have adequate nutrition and the health care that they need for a healthy immune system. Why Does My Pet Have Food Allergies? Food allergies occur when an animal’s immune system misidentifies a source from their food as an invader rather than a food item and...

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