10. Fish

Fish for dogs and cats can form an important part of your Fresh Raw Pet Food. Fish have much higher levels of Omega 3 and Omeag 6 which really help with over well being of your companion. Be careful to only make it part of a fresh pet food diet, as the vitamin b group isn’t as high in this protein as it is with Red Meat. Check out our holistic blends and the descriptions where we use a balance of fish and red meat to deliver a well rounded fresh raw meal for your companion. Some dogs do eat whole fish for a meal, and can be a process to get them to accept the acquired taste, cats no so much time to take to eating them raw. Care should be taken with the fins but fish offers an over all meal with the head / stomach / flesh, all due to nature giving an overall balance in percentages.
The whole fish or the fish mixes can be delivered in the Brisbane area or contact us regarding interstate orders.

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