07. Green Tripe

If Carnivores developed a pyramid for nutrition and over all health, Green Tripe would be at the pointy end of the top. It has been analysed and shown to have equal ratio of calcium and phosphorous (1:1) the overall pH is acidic which assists in keeping a digestion balanced for the efficient digestion of bone and meat.

True Green Tripe in Australia is no more unless you are lucky enough to get home kills. This product is the New Green Tripe, Australian Legislated. It is heat treated as per below to get rid of Clostridium Botulinum Spores and for this to happen it has to be heat treated to 121 degrees for a short period. This is a National standard and any safe foods accredited establishment by law must buy from a safe foods accreditied supplier who has scalded the product to this level or has documentation to varify and test that they have a process to scald the product. However the protein and mineral element have not been damaged and the balance of phoshorous and calcium ratio is unchanged. Because it is still green there are still elements of the chlorophyll as this is where it gets its green colouring from the consumption of grass. It contains the essential fatty acids Omegas 3 & 6 (Linoleic and Linolenic), protein at 15.1, fat 11.7, also, the overall pH is on the acidic side which is better for digestion. The change is the bacteria and spores are killed in this process.

When Raw Green Tripe is fed whole or in large chunks, its tough rubbery texture is a great tooth cleaner, mental stimuli, and jaw strengthener.

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