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BONE ROO TAIL – (SORRY ONLY LOCAL DEL)These are in a bags of 2 with the size being between 100-150 mm and are very meaty, therefore a great addition to your raw diet as it is a meal for most size dogs. Helps strengthen your pets jaw/neck and shoulder muscles and great for cleaning those back teeth. 

Big Dogs – Consider Basing a Big Dog Diet on Roo Tails, as a full tail will weigh between 600 to 750grams, which means most of the meat for a big dog will come from the roo tail. Then just add a small amount of meat for what is left with organ.  It gives the right amount of bone for a diet with plenty of meat to help it slide down.  The added bonus it can come fresh in 20kg bag, which gives about 32 tails per bag, comes in well under $6kg.

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