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Bone Broth pack has a mix of bones picked for there benefits to a Bone Broth and a nutritiona one with plenty of glue for the gut.  1 Duck Frame / 7 Duck Feet, 4 peices of Sheep Trachea and 2 Small Roo Tails. This is a low allergy pack but please check that your furkid is ok with all of these ingredients before using.  This is a great little pack to keep in your freezer ready for the bone broth cook up.  Bone Broth has way too many advantages for our furkids gut health not to make it at least once a month.  Remember applie cider vinigar is the jelly behind the broth and that you can add tumeric for its health benefits. Try taking the cooking time to 30 hours where you should be able to puree with a blender the soft bones so they can go into the end product.