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Vitec King Kelp Seaweed Meal

100% Organic Certified Australian Bull Kelp

Vitec King Kelp Seaweed Meal is one of natures most complete sources of trace elements and complex carbohydrates. Vitec Seaweed Meal is 100% Australian bull kelp (Durvillaea potatorum) which is collected from the shores of King Island.

Kelp can be used to improve stress tolerance and hydration in extreme heat while also improve fertility and milk production. Kelp is known to stimulate the digestive system of animals enabling livestock to absorb a greater amount of nutrients resulting in overall improved health, resistance to parasites and diseases. Kelp is arguably the best natural source of iodine, which is severely deficient in almost all Australian pasture.


100% Organic

GM Free, Additive Free and Chemical Free

Natural Source of Iodine

Perfect for all livestock and animals

glossiness of coat

Increased general health, with resistance to parasites & diseases

Can lead to more female offspring

Balance iodine deficiency