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ROO ORGAN MIX 1kg – We Keep this as a Frozen product in 1kg bags chunky mixed so you can add to your companions diet. This is an Organic Product. The picture is from the box; Trachea area, lungs, heart, liver all intact liver 44% Heart 21%.  Organ Meat is necessary for many functions in the body including formation of hemoglobin, brain development and function, regulation of body temperature, muscle activity and catecholamine metabolism, to name just a few. A lack of iron will have a direct effect on the immune system; it diminishes the number of T- cells and the production of antibodies. Only Small amounts are required to assist in giving a rounded diet for our companions. Best to increase the amount slowly till you see a difference and reduce, then you are aware of the level, only up to 5% – 10% of the companions diet. Make this part of your Delivery of Raw Pet Food.

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Bulk Whole Pieces 20kg Box need a week, Minced Mix 1kg