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ROO ORGAN MIX 1kg – We Keep this as a Frozen product in 1kg bags chunky mixed so you can add to your companions diet. This is an Organic Product. The picture is from the box; Trachea area, lungs, heart, liver all intact liver 44% Heart 21%. We do add Goat organic Kidney to this mix, as we dont have enough to sell, but enough to give balance to this mix. Organ Meat is necessary for many functions in the body including formation of hemoglobin, brain development and function, regulation of body temperature, muscle activity and catecholamine metabolism, to name just a few. A lack of iron will have a direct effect on the immune system; it diminishes the number of T- cells and the production of antibodies. Only Small amounts are required to assist in giving a rounded diet for our companions. Best to increase the amount slowly till you see a difference and reduce, then you are aware of the level, only up to 5% – 10% of the companions diet. Make this part of your Delivery of Raw Pet Food.