Shiitake Mushrooms C.O 45g

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Shiitake mushrooms are flush with amino acids, enzymes and health-supporting minerals like zinc, iron and calcium. They are a great addition to maintaining your dog’s health by stimulating white blood cells and improving circulation. They have also been known to:

Help soothe inflammation, Normalizes allergy symptoms, Provide cardiovascular health support.

Nutritionist Choice know their superfoods, which is why Shiitake mushrooms were on their must-have list. These certified organic mushrooms, known as the exilir of life, have numerous health benefits and a superior flavour. Whether you toss them into stir-fries or stir them into soups, they will boost your vitality and have you feeling good.

Nutritionist Choice was established by a nutritionist and health professionals who have had a passion for nutrition and healthy living. Belief in the consumption of organic, natural and whole foods to dramatically increase health and well-being unites the team. Their desire is for people to make the best choices when choosing food to maximize nutrition and well-being, inspiring them to create the product range.


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