TRT DEER ANTLER (Very Long Chew)

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The picture is a representation of all different sizes that are supplied due to the nature of the product. Shed antlers are antlers that are naturally shed from deer. These animals grow a new set of antlers each year and then shed them off and re-grow another set for the following year – eithically sourced, very renewable, absolutley nothing added to the processing of this product, so no pesticide, chemical or treatement as this is an australian sourced product occuring naturally.

They’re the best dog chews ever, and they come 100% from nature, They not splinter, last months and give your furkid true minerals and promotes healthy teeth and gums.  Please read this about antlers, we also sand the sharp bits for safe chewing.

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150g+ Size Small Dog, 200g+ Size Medium Dog, 250g+ Size Large + Staffy Breeds, 150g+ Size, 200g+ Size, 250g+ Size