Personalised Mincing in Cryovac’ed Packs to suit your needs.

We have established 3 price points for our customers 1kg / 5kg / 10kg the prices represent the savings we also have in production. We also have available to you is the Personalised Cryovac Packs. These are only available if you purchase 1kg bag or a 5kg bag of product, the 10kg is only ever delivered in 5kg bag lots.

In this fast paced world we now live in, we offer those people that still want to feed raw but need the convenience of the correct weight per meal for there companion animal, we will weigh and cryovac to your specified weight.  Cryovac allows you to keep it in the fridge for 5 days plus and if freezing saves on space as it is a compact package and freezes quickly.  

Web Instructions:

a) Choose the product your require of any of the 1kg or 5kg products only.  NOTE: If you purchase a 10kg product we will only bag 5kg worth of the product, the 10kg Bag is priced  on production savings and will not be divided up for smaller sizers.

b) Then choose the PERPACK CODE which is in category 13 – delivery of products, then put in the qty of bags you require.  eg if you bought a 1kg product and you wished them to be in 250g, then simply purchase 4 PERPACK codes.

Please complete the notes part of your sale to tell us what you require bagged.

If you have any questions regarding this offer please send an email to us at to specificy your requirement. This service is only available for our fresh meat products. Bones and retail products are not included but may be ordered as per our menu to complete your order.

Special Vet Mixes available upon request

With more and more raw friendly vets and dieticians coming on board to help with the health of your companion, from time to time they ask you to feed a certain protein or mix to help with ailments.  We are happy to source and mix what you require.  Please send your request to and we will discuss your requirements and possible outcomes.

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