Swimming Safety for Your Dog This Spring

The months are quickly heating up here in Brisbane and Spring is well and truly upon us!  Swimming is great exercise and mental stimulation for dogs, but is also a great way to keep your dog cool on those hot days.  Not all dogs are natural swimmers. Some breeds, such as bulldogs, take to the water like boulders (they sink like a rock). The Bulldog’s short legs and big chest makes it physically difficult for them to stay afloat in the water.  Here’s some safety tips for safe swimming for your dog:  Don’t assume all dogs can swimTake it slow when teaching...

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Local Off Leash Dog Parks

Australia has one of the highest rates of dog ownership in the world with 36% of households owning a dog. However, as backyards have become smaller and leash laws enforced in many areas, it has become more difficult to exercise dogs safely off the leash while still keeping them under effective control. Dogs that are well socialised and exercised are likely to be healthier, happier and less aggressive. Designated off-leash dog areas provide a safe community setting where dogs can play with each other. We’ve listed all of the local dog parks off leash dog parks that you can take your dog...

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Should I Start My Puppy / Kitten On RAW?

WHAT WOULD THEY DO, IN THE WILD? Does Good Nutrition Affect Behaviour? By Dr Bruce Syme BVS (Hons)Founder of Vets All Natural The links between nutrition and animal behaviour will have been poorly researched, and still to this day, are quite unclear. It is quite apparent in the human population will that what we feed ourselves and particularly our children, will have quite a dramatic impact on behaviour – modern food colourings, preservatives, and flavourings have all been demonstrated to have close links to certain behavioural syndromes like ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder). I...

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READ THIS BEFORE YOU SPEND $$$$ ON TREATMENTS – We do see and it has been well documented that dry food is a large contributor to allergies, it is has many ingredients that combine to confuse and degrade your furkids immunities and overall health. – Cooking food for your furkid, this we always believed changes the make-up of the food from the protein through to the different types of fat.  A really good article on this is http://www.dogsnaturallymagazine.com/cooked-foods-causing-allergies-in-dogs/?inf_contact_key=49a26404ebfdcc39648c0a5e05fb57e407a1a5699c7436fac9d8256612e6b4f1 –...

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Why Not Kibble

RAW IS BY INSTINCT The birth of the commercial industry was put down to observation of watching street dogs eating the scraps of sailors, which were ration biscuits of not very nutritional value, and then thinking he could do better in a biscuit for dogs, adapted it to what was believed more nutritional. This was taken up in gusto by the ones that could afford it and thus began the marketing and production to what we know of today. Seeing as the manufacturing process worked so well for cats and dogs, it made sense that industry could adapt for all types including the equine industry....

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BONES If you have a dog or cat with bad breath start looking at there teeth and how clean they are.  You do have a choice you can do the modern thing and get the chemically enhanced dog chews and buy a tooth brush and enjoy the together moments on cleaning teeth every couple of days or you can feed a Raw Meaty Bone  every day that is appropriate for the size dog.   To guide you on this selection and to reduce the chances of swallowing bones whole, make sure the bone you are giving is to big for the dog, ie about 50mm either side of there jaw so they have to chew and use...

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